Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Same Problems at My High School

I am not looking for re-grading prior school work, I am trying to
change instruction. In my school, the break out is about 50% boys
- girls. But the far majority of teachers are women. And now girls
out score boys on overall SAT. I have started to review all required
reading by grade, and have found that girls are now the action heroe's
and actually many reading books for boys are disfunctional.
I have also noticed that all required reading concerns individuals
fighting for personal liberties exclude all American Revolutionary
founding fathers, including George Washington. Instruction on
personal liberties begins with the women's movement and civil
right fights. I am starting to collect books for boys so I can recommend
Boys seems to be falling behind, and because they do not have a
group to defend them, such as the Women's Law Center (check out
that elaborate website), the boys have no one to defend them.